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Boutique Winery in Benton City

Our wine is hand-crafted using the traditional French method in our winery in Benton City. No machinery is used as every step of the way is done and facilitated by hand. Our grapes are picked by hand and crushed manually. Our knockdowns are also done by hand, which means no pump-over necessary. This is the home of boutique wine in the Yakima Valley.

Winner of three awards at the recent 2014 Tri-Cities Wine festival, Tucannon Cellars burst onto the local wine scene with a series of bangs. Maybe it's because wine connoisseurs recognize true hand-sorted craftsmanship, or maybe it's because our wines are fast becoming the talk of the town. When people want Washington wine in Tri-Cities, they come here.

This winery in Tri-Cities was started with a vision by a family of wine-lovers to utilize our local resources and create some of the greatest wines in the state of Washington. We believe in family, love, and the first miracle on the planet earth - wine itself.

Family Business

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Ridge Vineyards Boutique Winery in Washington


40504 N Demoss Rd.

Benton City, WA  99320



Fri and Sat:         11am-6pm

Thurs and Sun:  11am-5pm

Wine of the Month

This rare varietal won recognition in the 2014 Tri-Cities Wine Festival. Under 1000 acres in the U.S. produce this wine's grapes.Bag this rarity here.

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