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Join our Family!  Tucannon Cellars' Wine Club is a fantastic deal and an excellent way to taste great wines, plus so many benefits!

There are no fees to join and Club Members will receive 3 shipments of 4 hand-selected wines a year from our Winemaker.

You are going to want to be part of this club!  Benefits include:

Discounts: As a Club Member you receive 20% off any purchase of wine at our winery or on our website, as well as waived tasting fees! If you’re big on wine, you can’t afford not to join the club! Your wallet will thank you.


Access to Reserve Wines: Our reserve wines are limited to one or two barrels, and crafted using the best grapes from the most prestigious vineyards.

Access to Limited Wines: These are wines that are limited due to popular demand, it’s always the best wines that sell out the fastest! Once a specific wine has less than 10 cases in our inventory, it becomes a limited wine, and therefor is only available for purchase by our club members.

Events and Wine Club Pickup Parties: As a club member you get priority access to all of our events, for absolutely no charge! This includes Spring Barrel Tasting, Catch the Crush, Red Wine and Chocolate as well as our 3 club pickup parties. At our club parties we will have every single bottle of wine open for you to sample, so you can choose exactly what you want in the pickup! We also offer our signature wood fired pizzas, live music, and light appetizers at our club parties for absolutely free!

Custom Shipments: If you don’t like what’s in your shipment, switch it out for something better! Every one of our shipments is completely customizable, at no extra charge. Gone are the days of receiving a wine that you didn’t want in the first place.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our Wine Club or special events!

Telephone: 509-545-9588

 Join Tucannon Cellars Wine Club today!

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